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  Actors in costume 17
Created by hcshannonart on
  Artwork that inspires me 35Paintings, I like want to use as inspirations for my own art
Created by hcshannonart on
  Book covers 43Artwork that has been used for book covers, but not books about the artists who painted them or art periods.
Created by hcshannonart on
  Escher's list 1
Created by escherzamora on 24 October 2012
  Ethereal 5
Created by Aliszandra on 06 May 2013
  Example list 8This is a public example of a simple list. I'll put some artworks in here to show you what a list might look like.
Created by chris_mccormick on 28 February 2003
  Favorites 13Favorite items for chris_mccormick
Created by chris_mccormick on 13 May 2003
  great landscapes 1paintings that go beyond being picturest
Created by artdog on 26 March 2013
  Italian greyhounds - a list for Dwyn 6Italian greyhounds in art through the ages.
Created by chris_mccormick on 16 September 2012
  Landscape 154
Created by layne on 02 May 2013
  Landscapes 12Self-explanatory title. Any landscapes will do. Focus on landscapes and not figures.
Created by sagramor on 30 January 2013
  Native Americans 1Works which show First Peoples in various situations or their art.
Created by GeorgeCasler on 13 April 2013
  Opera Paintings 2Paintings based on operas
Created by hcshannonart on
  Orientalist Art I 32Egypt: Views of the Nile
Created by fleurdelys on 16 September 2012
  Reading 25Works which show people reading books, newspapers, or letters in a variety of situations.
Created by GeorgeCasler on 11 April 2013
  Rokin 2Amsterdam, Rokin area
Created by Aliszandra on 28 February 2013
  Superb blues 4blues of awesomeness
Created by swannehilda on 06 January 2013
  The Grand Canal - huzzah! 12Images of the Grand Canal in Venice
Created by chris_mccormick on 24 March 2003
  Venice interiors 1
Created by Aliszandra on 28 February 2013
  Venice Piazza San Marco 3
Created by Aliszandra on 28 February 2013