To save time and help members of The Athenaeum community better answer your questions, please try to format requests according to the guidelines below.

Post titles
Try to post the name of the artist if you know it, the type of work, and the age (or your best guess). If you know the artist, the post title might look like:
Martin Johnson Heade - small painting - 19th century

If you do not know the artist, you can title your post in a format like this:
Unknown Italian - charcoal drawing - 18th century

This will help specialists quickly identify where they can help, and it will also let Google index our forums more efficiently, bringing in more outside help.

Details to include in the post
As a general rule, the more details you provide, the better! At the very least, provide a good description of the work itself - the size, the type and materials, any unusual or potentially identifying markings including the signature, labels, markings on the back.

Even better than a text description are photographs. Try to take good clear photographs, looking straight at the work rather than at an angle, with good lighting. Take higher resolution close-up photos of important details like signatures or labels. The forum allows you to add multiple images to a post, so feel free to do so.

If you know how and when the work was acquired, tell us! Telling us that "I inherited this from my grandmother" is much less informative than saying "My grandmother got it from my grandfather who bought it from a small art dealer in Sicily during World War II" or whatever.

If you have already done some research, share it with us so we aren't repeating your work. If you've found a useful web site or auction record online, please share it with us.

The more you can follow these guidelines, the better (and faster!) response you will get.

Thanks, and happy hunting!

-- Chris


Artist: Georges Braque
Artwork: Billiard table (1944)
The location is: Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris


I would a value for the Frederick Von Amerling  I have. It looks like romeo & Juilette. approx. 5' x 5-1/2'
with hand made jesso frame.

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After El Greco - Apostle St. Thomas - late 18th-early 19th C. oil on canvas
I would like to know of an expert to help me value and sell a painting that
has been in a family collection for 3 generations, which was created in the
late 18th-early 19th C. Thank you. N.A. Marenakos