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Topic: Walter Kuhn

I purchased a wonderful old watercolor painting signed: Walter Kuhn 1945.
I did some research and found this photograph of the building he painted

The  'Zum Nußbaum' was a popular inn that figured prominently in an episode during the political battle for Berlin in 1929, when Horst Wessel and his SA Troop ventured into the heart of the Communist stronghold of the Fischerkietz district. Here, at the Zum Nußbaum, Wessel faced down a crowd of Communist supporters and proclaimed the area free of the "Red Menace," all without any bloodshed. This part of Berlin was practically destroyed by bombing in 1943-45.

My question is, was there another Walter Kuhn who could have painted this in 1945?  I know that Walt Kuhn (October 27, 1877 – July 13, 1949) did frequent Berlin during the time he was meeting with artists and organizing the famous NYC Armory Show of 1913.  This pub was a popular place and I remember reading somewhere that he had met with people there from time to time.

Who ever painted the watercolor that I purchased, must have used this same photograph as a reference in 1945, because the original building did not survive the war.  This popular restaurant and shopping area was rebuilt in 1980 for tourists.

Handwritten in pencil on the bottom right outside margine of the painting says:

The painting itself is signed at the lower right corner:  WALTER KUHN 45

I'd like to find out if this is the American painter: Walt Kuhn (October 27, 1877 – July 13, 1949)   I have seen his paintings signed as Walt Kuhn and W.K.

Was there more than one Walt Kuhn/Walter Kuhn painter in that time period?

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