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Hello Chris,

I have found a book which lists all of the members of the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture (1648-1793). If it doesn't cost you too much work, maybe you could create a feature to categorize an artist as academician, with the dates he held office. Thus, we could have the composition of the Academy by year.
I'm also looking for a complete list of the French Prix de Rome laureates, directors of the Academy and the French Academy in Rome.
If similar lists exist for other countries, it could also be a good thing to add them.
What do you think?


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Re: Academies and Prix de Rome

chris_mccormick wrote:

The other items are each a mini-project on their own. It's very good for you to periodically remind me of these lists so I don't forget them, but I'm not sure when I will get to masters/pupils, awards (like Prix de Rome) and academic positions (like President of the Royal Academy).

Well, just to say that I have principally focused my uploads on members of the French Academy and Prix de Rome recipients. I indicated the precise day of their academic appointments (see for example here).
So it means that we could be able to build a page named "what happened in the French Academy this year?", with the list of the academicians, Prix de Rome contestants and Salon exponents, and a calendar of the promotions, admissions (with reception pieces when available) and deaths which occurred within the year.
This would be unique on the web and a valuable academic resource. I imagine we could do the same for the other European academies, especially the British and Venetian ones, for which the records are significant on the website. I just need a reference book on the subject.

There's no need to hurry as I can still expand the records for this period (1648-1793), but I definitely keep this idea in mind.