Topic: Ben Lomond by Alfred de Breanski

Does anyone know the date this painting was created? There is a tag on the back of the frame titled Marshall Field & Company. What is the history of paintings sold at Marshall Field & Company?

Re: Ben Lomond by Alfred de Breanski

Hello DBard,
     I see the work you have put in here, uploading good images of the artwork and asking on the forum - it's exactly what we need people to do when trying to identify artwork. I also see that you've posted on some of the auction web sites out there. I wish I had a definitive answer for you, after all that work!  Sadly, I don't.

It certainly matches the style of de Breanski Sr., and the provenance of the Marshall Fields Picture Galleries seems legitimate. I think you'll need to contact a gallery or two that specialises in his work.  Below are some suggestions:

Callaghan in Shrewsbury, England: … e-breanski
Rehs Galleries, NYC:
AskArt's page of Breanski dealers: … st=9001573

Good luck!

-- Chris