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Topic: Can Anyone Identify This Utrillo Painting?

Years ago, my mother painted this oil on canvas Utrillo from a photo in a magazine which is now lost, and she is deceased. I have searched through countless Google images and all the Utrillo images on this site without any success. I do not live near a library that owns The Complete Works of Maurice Utrillo by Paul Petrides. Do any of you recognize this painting or do you have any suggestions regarding how I might identify it? Please see the attachment photo. Thanks so much.

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Re: Can Anyone Identify This Utrillo Painting?

Hello there,
     The authentication of Utrillo works is a polarising subject; luckily you aren't authenticating a painting but just trying to identify the original source for your mother's artwork.

There is a guy named Jean Fabris who is heir to the estate and lives outside of Paris. He has been known to go to auctions and stand up and yell "Fake!" when they try to auction works that Christie's or Sotheby's have authenticated, but with which he disagrees. How fun is that?

Fabris runs Utrillo.com, and the site is all in French. You can use Chrome to translate it automatically, or run it through Google Translate, or find a French-speaking person to help you, but I would contact them and ask: http://www.utrillo.com/fr/content/assoc … ce-utrillo

There is probably know more authoritative source. I know FABRIS thinks there isn't. ;-)

Good luck!