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Topic: comments on the home page

Hello Chris,

I think that it could be relevant to display on the home page a list of comments left by users on artwork pages, as it is nearly impossible for others to find and answer them with 100.000+ artworks.

It's not an emergency, you just have to add this on your to-do list. ;-)


Re: comments on the home page

Hello Josselin,
     Our comments system is pretty terrible, unfortunately. I've tried a couple of different scripts, but anything we use will have to be pretty heavily modified.

I would like a more general "What's happening at The Athenaeum?" page than what we have, which would show comments, forum posts, and user activity beside adding artworks. Before that, I need to find (or write) a better comment system, and get it onto some of the other pages besides artworks, such as the pages for artists and lists of artwork created by members.

Definitely on the list, and probably will get some attention mid to late summer?