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I have recently purchased a Charles H Miller oil painting approximately 16 x 16 in size. The painting is signed and has cows, tree's, barn and small pond in painting. I am not familiar with C H Miller other than recent attempt to discover him through the use of google. Suggestions on how and where to have this painting appraised would be appreciated. I live in Louisville Ky.

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Hello there,
     I have several approaches for you.

In Kentucky there is an AAA (Art Appraisers of America) certified appraiser named Christian Trabue. Contact details are on this page: … rabue.html

The Southold Historical Society published a recent biography of Miller working with the family, and could probably point you to the living experts on his work:
http://www.southoldhistoricalsociety.or … 20Book.htm

Lastly, I saw on Artnet that Leslie Hindman Auctioneers recently sold a Miller; maybe they have someone who can do an appraisal?
Artnet record: … SXV5ehZ-g2
LH Auctioneeers:

Good luck!

- Chris

Re: Charles Henry Miller

Thanks, a place to start, much appreciated.