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Topic: Lesser Ury "Spring"

I have an old painting  in a old frame thought to be original.
  It has been in the family for over 40 years and I have worked out the signature on the bottom left is L.Ury, on the back its written "Spring" L.Ury, In what seems to be ball point pen.
Size without the frame is 11 inches  x  8 inches. The Frame is very old and the backing is slightly water marked but it does not have seemed to affected the picture in any way.
Im posting it here as your site has the best representation of this artist work I can find.
Any advice as to its value or who might want something like this would be appreciated.
Thanks very much.

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Re: Lesser Ury "Spring"

Hello there Ca-anton,
     How's your German? Good, I hope - most of the market for Ury is in Germany. ;-)

     I don't know much about Lesser Ury, but his work is still actively sold at auctions, and for quite nice prices, too. If that's an original (which to my untrained eye it might well be), then it's going to be worth spending some money to find out.

I would start by going through some of the big auction web sites like Artnet, and making a note of which auction houses have sold several pieces of his work, then Googling them to get contact details. Finally, send out an e-mail or two to gauge their interest/price for looking more deeply.

Take some very clear photos of the work, including the back (you'll want to carefully open the back of the frame if you haven't already) and the signature. Get some up-close photos of the texture of the paint.  Appraisers will want those, and others I haven't thought of.

A good starting point might be Ketterer Kunst, which claims to have sold over 30 works by Ury, and has one on offer now for over $20,000.
http://www.kettererkunst.com/bio/Lesser … 1931.shtml

Please let us know what you find out, and if you're willing to share your experience of finding an appraiser and going through the process, it will educate our community.

Best of luck,

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