Topic: 2013 Site edits

List of recent changes:

2013.Jul.10     - Search page: This page now also searches art movements.

2013.Jul.09     - Updated search to find people with or without accented characters in the name and search term
                       - Fixed bug in artwork counts (on museum pages) for artists with multiple art movements.

2013.Jun.18    - Mythology detail page: Added Redactor editing control to the description. This is our first experiment with Redactor, which will eventually be rolled out across the whole site.

2013.Jun.16    - Artwork list page: Did some complicated coding to ensure correct sorting in many weird cases, especially with accented text.

2013.Jun.14    - Person edit page: Fixed a bug where person nationality not being looked up properly.

2013.Jun.13    - Art lists: Added ability to sort art lists by creation date.

2013.Jun.12    - Fixed bug in entering and updating museums.
                       - Added warnings to artwork editing pages to NOT directly copy text from other web sites.

2013.Jun.03    - Artworks with dimensions entered now show the artwork size visually in an "Artwork size" tab.

2013.Jun.01    - Museum page: Now lists artists movements with adjectives ("Expressionist") rather than names ("Expressionism").
                       - Museum page: Fixed bug where artists with more than one movement were listed once per movement.

2013.May.30    - Art Detail page: Improved how text fits to the width of the image.
                        - Art Full Image page: Fixed a bug with dates
                        - Adding an artwork page: Now if you do this without an artist already chosen, you get a pick list of artists

2013.May.28      Major update to artwork Edit page
                        - Fixed bug in page to update the image for an artwork
                        - Search page searches more thoroughly for people
                        - Slight graphical update to login page

2013.May            Major new feature - Art Movements!

2013.May.25     - Fixed bug in the listing of artist age on some artworks

2013.May.23     - Added count of artist's artworks to link on artwork details pages
                         - Added links on the List pages
                         - Fixed some table formatting on the Counts pages

2013.May.21     - Changed title of artwork listing page for artists/museums

2013.May.19     - Improved the listing of person records in the Search page.

2013.May.16     - Added colorful bubbles on the artwork detail page to show the comment count more prominently.
                         - Simplified the Artwork Faceoff page.
                         - Minor updates to the display of Artwork Lists