Topic: Patriots in the making question

Can anyone identify this art I purchased from a thrift store several years ago.  It says Patriots in the making drawn by W. Glacken.  It was framed as pictured when I bought it<  thanks for any help!

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Re: Patriots in the making question

    The artist is the Ashcan painter and illustrator William Glackens. Here's his wikipedia page:

The artwork is named "Patriots in the Making" (as it says), and we have a version of it on our site, here:

Glackens was a popular illustrator working for large publications like the Philadelphia Record and several New york magazines, and a lot of prints were made from his works in the 20s. Based on that, the inexpensive way your is mounted, and the fact that there doesn't seem to be a painting of this out there but only a drawing, I'd guess that it's a copy print of what was apparently a pretty popular drawing published in a magazine.

But I am not an art expert! If you want to learn more, you could search for a local art dealer, or get in touch this group, which does authentications on Ashcan works: … ashcan.php

Good luck, and let us know what you find out!

- Chris