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I would like permission to attach links, where they exist, from The Athenaeum's authors to Wikipedia articles on the author. This could be done in such a way that the Wikipedia article would open in a separate window (or tab), so that a visitor would not be taken away from the site.

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Right now you can an artwork or person and enter text of any form you want, including links to Wikipedia. It would be better to have a "References" section where people can post such links. I looked at this a little bit recently, wondering how much work it would be to code it to work similarly to Wikipedia.

For now, I think you just need to edit the person/artwork in question to place the link on the page. To code a link so that it opens in a new page (and we prefer that), you set the "target" attribute to "new".

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I have tried repeatedly to add information by clicking on the "Edit" button on the artist page. I get the following:

You have reached this page in error. The necessary variables have not been passed. Please go back and try again.

How do I do this correctly?

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George, I have sent you an e-mail with some questions to get the editing issue sorted out.

Chris McCormick

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As for me, I search in the wikipedia web site and there I've found many good biographies with fine photos and related links as well as references. Just type the author's name, that's it.