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Topic: Charles Jacque "Barbizon. La Maison de JF Millet"

This was given to me as a gift. My friend found it tucked in the back of an antique store, and she said it appeared to be forgotten.  She bought it because she thought I would like it, which I do.  It is signed, but the signature is different than any I have found on the internet. I don't know in what medium the piece is.  It is very vibrant and colorful. The piece is framed in a gold-leafed frame, and is matted. The actual piece measures approximately 8" x 10".   There is a small piece of paper on the back of the frame with the handwritten word "original."  It appears to have been framed in Chicago. 

I did research on Charles Jacque, and I read all about him and JF Millet and the Barbizon school of art. This appears to be a depiction of Millet's home at Barbizon, with a woman and a small child standing at the gate.I would appreciate it if you could tell me any information about this piece.

I have several more photos of it, including the signature line, the back, the title line, and another shot of the whole piece. I was unable, through this site, to send more than one image to you. I would like you to see the rest, so please let me know if there is a way I can send you several images.

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Re: Charles Jacque "Barbizon. La Maison de JF Millet"

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