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I was researching a print my in-laws own, and found it to be Winslow Homer's "The Shell Heap".  Googled to find where I could view the original, which led me to your site with an entry stating the painting was owned by The Brooklyn Musuem.  Entry was made in 2002 by member "rocsdad".  Then went to the Brooklyn Museum website, but it does not list this particular painting.  Googled various topics like "Did Brooklyn Museum sell a Homer?" and "where is Winslow Homer "The Shell Heap" exhibited" but no luck.

Beyond the specific search I'm doing, how does one find where any piece of art is owned/exhibited?  What am I missing?  Thanks.

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Hello selfanalyst,

I looked at the Brooklyn website and couldn't find it as well. It's possible that they haven't put online their whole collection yet or the artwork could have been deaccessioned.
Your best chance to find a reliable source about this painting is to search in the catalogue raisonné of Winslow Homer. The books are very expensive, but you may find them in an art library.,-Winslo … /biography

Here is the link to the artwork you mentioned:


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Thanks Josselin