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Topic: Bug when entering a term into the glossary

Entering «allusion» with «A textual or pictorial expression designed reference to something without mentioning it explicitly. The allusion often is designed to indirectly call something to mind. Examples: Thomas Stoppard's dramas with textual allusions to Shakespeare and pictorial allusions (described by Margaret Aston in "The King's Bedpost", 1994) by the anonymous painter of "Edward VI and the Pope" (16th century) to the print "Ahasuerus consulting the records" (1564, Philip Galle after Maarten van Heemskerck)» didn't work.

Re: Bug when entering a term into the glossary

Hello GoetzKluge,
    I just completed a rewrite of the pages for adding and editing glossary terms. You should find that it all works smoothly now. I added "allusion" as a test case, so that one is in already.

Thanks for being patient with the problems!

- Chris