Topic: Alfred Reth/ signature and date, 1936

I have a painting on wood that I purchased in Budapest. I have done some research on him, but I don't know the value, importance or popularity of his paintings.
I would appreciate any feedback on his works and this painting.

Thank you

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Re: Alfred Reth/ signature and date, 1936

Hello Julia,

Alfred Reth was a founding member of Cubism, then a member of Abstraction-Création. Although Hungarian, he spent most of his career in Paris. I found the website of a French association (presided by the scholar who wrote his catalogue raisonné) focused on his oeuvre:
Maybe you should contact them.

Regarding the value of his works, Christie's have sold several of them and the price usually ranges between $5.000 and $15.000: … h&pg=1


Re: Alfred Reth/ signature and date, 1936

Thank you very much for your reply and information.