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Hello all,
    Today I added a new feature on the Member Profile page. There is now a tab called "Recent activity" that shows the last 30 days of activity for a member, including new additions (artworks, people, museums) and edits, along with links to the items.

A next step would be to provide more information about edits. For example, instead of saying "Chris edited the person Rembrandt at 3pm on Saturday," it might also say "Changed birth date". Unfortunately, this kind of information will require a very thorough field-by-field check at edit time to record exactly what was changed. I'm not sure when I'll get to that.

Also, there are edits which aren't yet tracked for display, such as associating an artist with a movement, or adding an artwork to an exhibition. Each kind of edit will require the code to track it for later display. Making "recent activity" as information-rich as possible will be a continual effort, and I'll keep working on it as time allows. But for now, at least you can check a member (or yourself!) and get a pretty good idea of what they've been working on recently.

Let me know your thoughts about how this could be made better.


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Hello Chris,
Good job with this improvement; most of the work I do here now appears.
Couldn't you create a section on the "What's new page" where all the mentions of amendments would be gathered? It would be long to check for everyone.


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Hello Josselin,
     I think that the "Past 24 hours" tab will be changed over time to show all activity in one stream, so we see uploads and edits in a sequence.

How far back would you want to look at "everything happening on the site" in one page? The main issue here is that it's a lot of items to look through, so the further we go back, the slower it will be to collect the information.

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I think there is no need to go beyond one week for amendments.
In fact, I was thinking more of a wikipedia-like system, where mentions of amendments are displayed directly on the artwork (or artist) page. Maybe you could create an "history" tab there to show them, but I don't know if it is feasible with the code of this website.

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Well, eventually we'll have both. Every major "node" on the site (an artwork, a person, a museum, etc) will eventually have a history, and I'll build in the ability for me (and possibly "superusers" like yourself) to "roll back" or "undo" malicious changes and vandalism.

Over time we'll have history on the major pages, history on individual members, and history at the whole-website level.

I want us to have the same density of information as Wikipedia's edit history, but in a more "user friendly" format. Because we run on custom-built code, I have to build each piece separately, so it will take a while.

For now, the next step will be to do the "stream" of all changes at the 24-hour scale and the 7 day scale on the Site Status page. We'll have to see how long it takes to load the 7 days on that page, since for some weeks (especially showing all edits) it might be thousands of entries.

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Ok, now on the Site Status page we have a "stream of updates" for the most recent 24 hours and the past 7 days. This can still be improved over time, but it's a pretty thorough list of new content and edits.

Over time I'll work to add more edits to the tracking, and to provide more detail on *what* was edited. As I complete the second part (what specifically was changed), I'll start to build "Edit history" tabs for major nodes like people, art, and museums.

As it stands now however, it's one of the best "What's happening on the site?" pages I have ever seen. I'm pretty proud of the whole system. :-)

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In case of edits of an artwork, you should add the name of its creator. Currently it displays this:
"Josselin edited the artwork Apollo Teaching Hyacinth to Play Lyra at 7:15 AM"
but nobody knows who is the artist before clicking on the link.

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Re: More information about recent activity

Image replacements are not counted in recent activity, as well as movement edits.

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You are correct - right now only the "main page edits" are getting tracked. I'll do another round on edits after the work on museum names (see my other post in this forum).

The next round would probably add the smaller edits you mention along with some others, and I would start work on tracking exactly what was edited. The specific edit tracking will probably start with something simpler like museums, and progress toward the more complex nodes after.

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The What's New? page is very long and heavy to load on cell phones. I think this is because of the 'last 7 days activity' tab which lists all the edits done within the week. Maybe you should deactivate this feature for mobile platforms.

More generally, the website needs a specific layout for these users; currently we have to open new tabs to see detailed artwork pages, or to reload the page each time we change the list sorting, while mobile users would probably prefer dynamic and pop-up pages. I'll create a thread if you want to talk about this.

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     I think you should create a new thread for the idea of a site re-design to accommodate mobile/tablet users. I've actually looked into this a lot. The general term for this is "responsive design" - i.e., the layout of the site is responsive to the device it's being viewed on.

Doing this will be a lot of work, but now we get almost 10% of our views from such devices, so it's something we should look at, at least for the most popular pages.

One things I want to do soon is to change our image-loading code so it only loads images if you scroll that far down the page. So right now the "What's new" page has almost 200 artworks entered in the last 24 hours - the page would load much faster if it only fetched the images in the top part of the page, and then fetched the others only as you scroll down.