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I think you should create a section somewhere to display the most popular artworks and artists, based on the number of visits on each page. Thus, it could show me on where I should focus my work (writing texts and updating contents).


Re: most visited pages

Hello Josselin,
    A while ago, I began tracking artwork views. There's a lot more work to be done on the code, but I went ahead and put up a beta page to show the results. It's linked from the front page ("By popularity"), but you can go directly to it here:

Not sure when I will get to the next steps, but this is a start. Some things I will eventually do:
1. Count views on the full display page. Right now this only counts views on the main artwork page, but many people link directly to the "full view".

2. Create some tables, automatic timed tasks, and update the page so that we can have tabs for "Past 24 hours," "Past week," "Past month," "Past year," and "All time". This is mostly a big task because pre-calculating the rankings is complex.

3. Add a similar feature for people, and possibly use some kind of algorithm to combine an artist's artwork views with their biographical views to represent popularity.

So for now we have a very basic page with just a view count, and sometimes it takes a while to load if it hasn't been checked in a while. It's also skewed toward recent views, since the tracking has only been operational since early January (hence the prevalence of Robert Frederick Blum; he's been getting a lot of Twitter links in the past month). But it's a start!

Hope that helps,

Re: most visited pages

It looks promising. I expect charts for artists more than for artworks, but this is not an high priority.