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Topic: Upload and general question

Hello, i have a few general questions:

1) Do you have an max/preferred image size or file size?
2) You only have a detail of a good painting, but it is not found somewhere else in this quality. Is an upload ok or only images of the whole painting?
3) What is with black and white images, where no colored version exist. Is this upload ok?
4) A totally different question. The only owner of this site is, as far as i read, Chris.
What, if something happen to him (we all hope this will not be the case). Will the site than go offline forever and all the work is lost?

Re: Upload and general question

Hello Michael,

1) There is already a thread open there: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=500
I recommend you to use a software facility to reduce pictures if they are too large for the website (I personally set a limit at 2000pix wide). Obviously you should try to post the best quality you find.
2) I think it is ok to post only detail images, but add a "(detail)" in the title and a description explaining you could not find a picture of the whole painting.
3) Idem, maybe you can add a "Black and white" in the title or in the description.
4) I cannot answer to this one. ;-)


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Re: Upload and general question

Hello Josselin, thx for your answer.

Josselin wrote:

4) I cannot answer to this one. ;-)

I was struggling with myself if i should invest time to upload to The Athenaeum, which could go offline every day. Or load onto wikimedia commons, which is not dependent on only one person.

But i like what i see and read here, so lets hope Chris will live long :-)


Re: Upload and general question

I have a small canvas of T. Rousseau.  It is Titled 'After the Storm'
found it in a garage sale. not in good shape just wondered if it had a value.