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Topic: William L. Metcalf

I am looking for the below painting for my boss.  She inherited it from her grandfather.  I got an autobiography from the signature (Lower Right Corner).  The painting is approximately 20" x 25" produced in 1912.  I searched AskArt.com and Artnet.com and didn't find anything that was similar or done in 1912 by him to compare value.  I'm looking for the estimated valuation on it.  Thank you for your assistance!

I could only add the signature block but will try to another post with the additional photo in it.

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Hello Vanessa,

I'm not a specialist on American Impressionism, but works from Metcalf often reach impressive sums at auctions, usually well above $100.000. Maybe you should contact these scholars: http://www.willardmetcalf.com/submit.htm
They wrote his catalogue raisonné, but they charge an heavy fee for the expertise. However, considering the value of Metcalf's works, I think it is worth to pay.