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Topic: German name with 'von'

Hi, i insert a person-duplicate.

My new entry is 'Alt, Rudolf von' but he, as i see now, exist as 'von Alt, Rudolf'.

I think, my new name is the better one. Because in german the 'von' is only a minor part of the name (although it is part of the last name) and doesn't change the lexicographical order.

So you find in a dictionary for example
- 'Menzel, Adolph von' under M and not as here under V because of 'von Menzel, Adolph'
- 'Defregger, Franz von' under D and not as here under V because of 'von Defregger, Franz'
- and so on.

Have a nice weekend

Re: German name with 'von'

Hi, if you think i am right (if not, thats really no problem for me), i can help you and change the existing entries which start with 'von'.

I don't know what is the rule in Netherland with the 'van ...' people, so they will be untouched.


Re: German name with 'von'

Hello kkvk,

You're right, German names with a 'von' should be sorted as you said.  As well as Dutch names with 'van' (I already edited many of them) and French ones with 'de'.
Some exceptions exist. For example, Van Gogh and Van Loo are usually sorted under 'V' because they lived in France where these prepositions were uncommon.


Re: German name with 'von'

Josselin wrote:

You're right, German names with a 'von' should be sorted as you said.

Ok Josselin, i will change them.

Re: German name with 'von'

Hi Micheal. Nice to know hosts listen, and default automations can be over-ridden and amended- what a shame so many institutional default assumptions connecting us to our Art legacy can't.

(Dear Josselin, please make amendments to errors I mention in topic 'Provenance, presumption and imposition' Eva Gonzales 'self-portrait'- perhaps you might even admit the irrefutable evidence and case for alternative identity [of 'big-eared' Berthe with 'reversed esotropic eye'] and Henri Rousseau's hilarious 'Looking at Lamp' (not 'With Lamp' as described- makes all the difference explaining picture.)]

Best wishes all,
James Gorin von Grozny

Love one maker more than any other, absorb and understand them, then see the differences in all art.

Re: German name with 'von'

Hello all,
     Here is a good (if nerdy) blog post on Dutch, Flemish, and German names with regard to capitalization and sort order. Might be useful:

http://blogs.bournemouth.ac.uk/research … rd-system/

- Chris