Topic: I am back to regular updates

Hello to all regular (and irregular!) contributors.

Please accept my apologies for being mostly silent during the past three months. Without going into detail, it's been a combination of a very heavy workload at work and some difficult challenges in my personal life. While some of this is ongoing, I am now working to catch up on the discussions here on the forums and on my general "to do list" for the site.

In future, please don't worry about the site disappearing. It's been around for 13 years now, and I am 100% committed to keeping it going and improving it. A long term contributor like rocsdad could tell you that there have been some fallow periods where I couldn't give the site my full attention, but I always come back. :-)  If we were ever in any serious money troubles, you can be sure you would see a fundraising campaign on the site and probably a Kickstarter campaign before anything catastrophic were to happen. There is no danger of the site being shut down, even if I am relatively quiet.

My current focus is:
1. Catch up on the various messages in forum posts, especially from heavy users. This is why it's good and important that you have these discussions on the forum - it allows me to catch up at any time.

2. I have done a lot of work on a superuser page to allow removal of duplicate artworks. There's still much to do there (it's a complex process), but the end is in sight and I'd like to get that to you.

3. After that, I probably need to revisit the way museums are done (as detailed in another post) because I can see that kohn1fox, josselin, and Irene are doing a lot of moving things around due to some perceived deficiencies with "collections" of sites like the National Trust and so on.

Once again, I am very sorry to have worried you, but hopefully you have also seen that the site has been able to hum along even in my absence from intensive involvement. This was always the plan. I'm looking forward to really getting back into it now.


Re: I am back to regular updates

Hello Chris,

I'm very happy you have come back. I hope you will succeed in creating the superuser feature since it will allow us to run the site when you are away. Most of the problems I encountered are listed in the bugs and duplicates threads.