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Topic: Possibly Jan Van Goyen – Oil Painting –16th Century

I recently purchased an oil painting at an estate sale here in Granbury, Texas. It came from the Moncrief estate. I think it is quite good, although it has some condition issues. Someone has written in bold black print on the stretcher bar "Van Goyen." The canvas measures 28.5 inches wide x 19.5 inches tall. When I looked at Van Goyen's works online, I did find a great similarity in the style and subject matter of the painting I purchased. While I think it would be most unlikely to stumble upon a genuine painting of a 16th century artist, I read that he was quite prolific and there were at least 1,200 known paintings attributed to Van Goyen. The painting is unsigned. I see craquelure in several areas, three tiny spots that look like the paint may have flaked, and a tear, perhaps 1” in length, near the left edge of canvas.

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Re: Possibly Jan Van Goyen – Oil Painting –16th Century


I'm not a specialist but I don't think your painting is really from Van Goyen. This website, run by a research institute specialized in the Dutch Golden Age (17th century), lists 871 of his works and nearly all of them have a large sky depicted - usually 2/3 of the picture, contrary to yours. However, I don't know if your photo shows all the canvas.
Check the Dutch website and look if you find similar images.


Edit: You need to click on the link next to "871 hits in RKD images als kunstenaarsearch with this term" to see the list of artworks.

Re: Possibly Jan Van Goyen – Oil Painting –16th Century


It would be an insult to Van Goyen to attribute this painting to him. The handling of the material is sloppy (for instance the way the 'artist' depicts the leaves on the tree, or the undetailed figures in the landscape). Van Goyen was a 'fijnschilder', not an amateur.