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Topic: Manuel Garcia y Rodriguez - 1904

Painting size of approx. 22" x 30". Pictures attached showing signature and full painting matted and framed. Not sure if this is a copy as there is another name below the Rodriguez name.

Will only let me add one picture to it. It is of a man and woman in a boat, on the water, surrounded by gardens.

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Re: Manuel Garcia y Rodriguez - 1904

Hello Olivia,

The "second name" is maybe the location of the place depicted. Google Map returned this island in the Strait of Gibraltar:
https://maps.google.fr/maps?oe=utf-8&am … CAoQ_AUoAg

Its name can be either Isla de Perejil or Laila. The spelling was maybe different in the beginning of the 20th. Rodriguez mostly painted in southern Spain, but this Island is in northern Morocco, which belonged to Spain at this time. So maybe he came there with friends in the boat you mentioned.
I need to see the complete painting to say more about it.