Topic: Georges Croegaert-Paris 'A Young Beauty'

I recently purchased at auction a portrait of a young lady titled 'A Young Beauty' by Georges Croegaert.
It measures thirteen inches by nine and a half inches (vertical).
I believe that Georges Croegaert painted this item at the Paris Salon in either late 19th or early 20th century.
His signature appears to match other examples of his work.
Are there any members of the Athenaeum that could help me establish if this portrait is genuine?
Thank you,
John Roberts, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Re: Georges Croegaert-Paris 'A Young Beauty'

It is very difficult establish if a portrait of Georges Croegaert is genuine without see it by person; I have a genuine portrait by Croegaert, oil on canvas, but I Know tyat there are many copies sold as genuine.
You must show your painting to someone qualified as people that works in a museum where there are some paintings of the same artist. Would you show a foto of this painting?
Greetings Modesto Di Nuzzo Florence Italy