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I was given the painting - I believe it was gifted to my father in the early 80's. Painting is 13" by 34". It's signed in the lower left. On the back it states it was on loan to the Denver Art Museum. One tag on back states "copyright 1983 Museum of Western Art Denver Colorado. All rights reserved."

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Re: Thomas Moran "Green River"

Debanni1 wrote:

I had a post inquiring about my Thomas Moran picture' value. Is there someone who normally replies?

I'm sorry Debanni1, but the member who takes care of evaluating artworks has been away for a long time. I saw that your painting is very close to several views Moran made all along his career: Your picture looks like this one.

Moran's works are highly sought after in auctions, and prices usually range between 100.000 and a million dollars. However, scenes of Green River reach top prices. This painting, very close to yours, was sold for $2.9 million and this one for $17.7 million!

Maybe you should contact the museum of Western Art in Denver to tell you what they know about this work and if it is a real painting by Moran. If yes, you're wealthy!
This art historian wrote the catalogue raisonné of Moran. The Gilcrease Museum also has an important collection of Moran's works. Maybe they can help you.

I hope it helps.