Topic: I'm in Africa until Monday

Hello everyone,
     I want to apologise for not doing more work over the last two weeks. I've had some personal matters taking up a lot of time, and I think I was tired after the work to move the server. I know I have a lot of little things to clean up still before moving on to new features once more.

I am in Uganda and will be here until Monday, with very limited internet access. Please continue to post messages about bugs and duplicates and any other work that is needed; I promise I will get to those things as soon as I can. I should be back to "regular Athenaeum work" next week.

Thanks for being patient,

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Re: I'm in Africa until Monday

Hello Chris,
Perhaps you should hire a coding assistant. ;-)

Re: I'm in Africa until Monday

Hi there Josselin,
I wish I could! For now, this site doesn't earn enough money to hire anyone; in fact it costs me about $200 per month. One day when we are earning enough money to cover all of our costs and have some funds left over, we can think about such things. :-)