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Topic: Maurice Utrillo, V - watercolor(?) - 1928

Hello all.  I am looking for any assistance or info that you may have in regard to this Utrillo painting.   I have no information in regards to the provenance.  All I have is the painting itself to go on, as I cannot find any info online.  I do plan on contacting Jean Fabris, but i am unsure of how that may play out. 

The painting appears to be watercolor and is titled Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre Et Square Saint-Pierre in the lower left hand corner.  It is signed, Maurice Utrillo V with the year 1928 in the lower right hand corner.  I have found similar paintings of this scene, but none from this year. 

The frame does not appear to be anything special, but on the paper covering the back, is a thin strip of cardboard that has been glued to it, which has print that reads: 1725 - MAURICE UTRILLO - MONTMARTRE, LE SQUARE ST-PIERRE

Any information would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you very much!

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos

EDIT:  i am unable to post pics at this time...i get the error message that states, "The server was unable to save the uploaded file.  Please contact the forum administrator at mccormick1@gmail.com

Perhaps i'm doing something wrong?

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Re: Maurice Utrillo, V - watercolor(?) - 1928

Does anybody have any suggestions for posting pics?  I have tried several times and nothing seems to be working.  Thanks in advance.

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Re: Maurice Utrillo, V - watercolor(?) - 1928

Hello pher63,
If your painting is really from Utrillo, maybe you can create an entry for it in Utrillo's page on the Athenaeum.
Try to take a good photo and upload it there: www.the-athenaeum.org/art/add.php?pid=1504
Write the title in the first textbox and "Private collection" for the owner.


Re: Maurice Utrillo, V - watercolor(?) - 1928

Thank you Josselin!  I will try that soon.

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Re: Maurice Utrillo, V - watercolor(?) - 1928

Ok, thanks to Chris_McCormick, I was able to post a pic of the painting in question.  Seems that I don't know how to post multiple pictures or how to post a pic in a "reply" either.  I do have closeups of the signature, title and back of the painting still to post?  Thanks again

Re: Maurice Utrillo, V - watercolor(?) - 1928

Ok so i worked up the nerve to take the paper off of the back of the frame and i discovered that this piece is a  print.  i would post a picture of the type if i knew how to post pics in a "reply".  It has French, English and i believe Italian words.  It is from the Editions Braun company.

Re: Maurice Utrillo, V - watercolor(?) - 1928

My apologies pher63, but at this time we have limited functionality with posting images. At present we don't have a way to post images in replies.