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Topic: Attribution and lost paintings issue

Old master paintings often have a dubious attribution. These works are described by "attributed to", "workshop of", "follower of" or "manner of" in catalogues.
Maybe we can display these works separately in artwork lists under a special category as we cannot create page for an unknown artist.

For other artists, some works are only known thanks to copies of latter painters. I am specially thinking to Da Vinci, whose list on the site displays all the works related to him regardless of the attribution categories listed above. So we maybe need to create a "lost artworks" category on the artist page to display these artworks known by copies. Da Vinci's 'Battle of Anghiari' could therefore be listed in Da Vinci's page whereas its only known depiction is from Rubens.


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Re: Attribution and lost paintings issue

I add the problem of paintings made by several artists as we can only link an artwork with one artist. An example here:
I created two pages for this painting, but maybe you can write a code to link an artwork with two artists. In the "add an artwork" page, we could therefore have a "add an additional artist for this picture" feature and the artwork would then automatically be displayed in the works of the second artist.

Here is another artwork made by two artists: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/art/detail.php?ID=102809

What do you think?

Re: Attribution and lost paintings issue


In the case of collaborations by important artists (as you have cited) I agree that an entry should be made under each artist with a notation.