Topic: Mannerist drawing of Athena with putti unsigned

Looking to identify the artist of this piece.
Style: Mannerist Drawing.
Media: Bistre ink over black chalk on laid parchment paper.
Subject: Athena with shield held by two putti.
Size: 5 7/8”x 4 1/4”
Back: The words Pio VI are written on the reverse side of the image.
Purchased from Jane Stubbs Books and Prints when the East 71st Street Store closed in the late 1980s.
Tag on the back of the frame is from the framer.
Appraisers comments: It looks more to me to perhaps be, assuming it is authentic, French “Fontainebleau School” which was inspired by Italian Renaissance art--more true to 16th century Mannerism, in my mind.
Technically, mannerism is characterized by the distortion of elements like proportion and space and the artists utilized classical ideal forms developed by Italian Renaissance artists of the early 16th century -- then exaggerated the forms in unconventional ways in order to increase visual tension, power, emotions, or sheer elegance.
Again, I simply am not comfortable advising you of authenticity on an item I cannot touch and feel...but can advise you of the potential value, again assuming it is validated as authentic. Typically, these works will retail on the secondary (private seller) achieve from $2,500 to $4,000 in most upscale markets.
At this point, you may wish to simply consult with Christie’s and Sotheby’s, as both auction house giants offer evaluations on potential sales listings--here are the links you will need:

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