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Corot Painting-very little information available. Date looks like 187?
Looks like oil, unsure.
Up loading file. Painting is approx 2'x3' (?)
Any info is helpful, any resources, where to go to identify, authenticated
Thank you.

Re: Corot Painting -Looking for info

There was an article on ARTnews on Corot authentication a couple of years ago that you may find helpful. The link is … not-corot/

Re: Corot Painting -Looking for info

Unfortunately, Corot is one of the most widely forged artists with most of the fakes emulating his later works. Unless you have some very solid provenance or reason for believing your painting is a genuine Corot, authentication is likely to be a waste of money. If your painting is from the 1870s and by Corot it should be in the catalogue raisonné which was begun in Corot’s lifetime. Genuine unknown Corots would most likely have been painted prior to 1870. The catalogue raisonné (from 1905) is available online through the Getty Research Portal and Open Library. The link for the third volume which covers Corot’s later paintings is … 5/mode/2up

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Re: Corot Painting -Looking for info

@dmr, thanks for the link, I have included links to the catalogue raisonné on his page here:

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