Topic: Considerations when adding sculptures

Hello everyone (especially Graham),
     I think it's wonderful that you're adding sculptures, but here are some things to think about:

1. I'll add a "depth" dimension, so later you may need or want to go back and update those.

2. Some time in the summer I'll work to allow multiple images per artwork. For any artwork where we have "detail" images (or sculptures where there may be several views of a 3D object), we'll want to migrate multiple "artwork records" to multiple images for a single artwork. This will be a big job, but it will be bigger if we add lots of records per artwork now. Something to think about.

3. Remember that I'll also be changing the way materials and methods are stored, so for now I'm not going to expand the materials list for sculptures, because it will be changed anyway.

4. Lastly, we want to be careful about photographs of sculptures from a copyright point of view. With 3D objects, there are considerations such as point of view and lighting conditions which may be viewed as "creative" and therefore copyright-able. So please be careful to only use images that you own, or that you are certain are public comain or otherwise copyright free.

Given these considerations, I'm still happy for you to add sculptures (after all, it's a big gap in our collection) - but you might consider from a practical standpoint if you want to "invest" in that work right now.