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Topic: timezone of the site


I would like to know if you could make a change on the 'what's new?' page. The Athenaeum is set on the American time zone, but from Europe I cannot see what has been uploaded on the later hours of the day (I'm sleeping!) and these artworks have vanished from the page when I wake up. Maybe you could change the code to display artworks posted on the previous 24 hours instead of the previous day.

I hope I explained it well.


Re: timezone of the site

Hello Josselin,
    I just changed the "Today" tab to be the "In the last 24 hours" instead. Hope that helps everyone with "what happened overnight (from my time zone's perspective)?" ;-)

It's especially nice since our main contributors range from Russis to Germany to France to New York (so far as I know). So that's a lot of different time zones.

- Chris