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Topic: David Bates - Worcester Artist - Oil on Panel of Arab

Hi All - I am leaving the home where my family have lived since the 1950 and there will be an auction sale here at home.  The auctioneers have put an estimate on this and I wondered if anyone knew if it was somewhere near right?

https://www.easyliveauction.com/auction … Term=bates

I feel guilty posting a question like this as my first introduction to you all, but really only came across the site and forum when looking for information on the artist, so I hope you will forgive me and would be grateful for any information  I had it framed myself some 40 odd years ago so I could hang it up, before that it was just in a drawer somewhere

Once the upheaval of the auction and selling my house is over I think I will come back and have a really good look round as it is a wonderful resource.

Thank you