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Topic: Frank V Dudley painting

I am trying to find out any information I can about a painting my mother inherited from my grandmother about thirty years ago. Any ideas what the name of the painting is? I have seen a wide range in values of Frank V Dudley paintings but none of this one any ideas? The painting is 12"x16"
Thank you

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Re: Frank V Dudley painting

Hello there,
    I looked around a bit but was not able to find this exact image. Dudley was famous for paintings of dunes, and everything about this picture matches with other "dunes" paintings he did. My amateur guess is that it stands a decent chance of being genuine.

I think you should contact the Art Cellar Exchange, which is interested in buying Dudley's work, and says they will do valuations:

Their contact information is:
Art Cellar Exchange
2171 India Street Suite H
San Diego California 92101

Phone: 619 338 0797
E-mail: ace@artcellarexchange.com

Good luck, and let us know what you find out!

-- Chris