Topic: Can Anyone Identify This Gentipirri Painting?

I purchased this oil on canvas mounted on wood at a thrift shop. I have seen several paintings identical to this in other thrift shops, and a cousin of mine actually has one in a small wooden frame that she bought at a local thrift shop, but neither she nor anyone else seems to know anything about it or about the artist. I have attached an image. I am interested in the painting's title and additional information about the artist.  I have searched through the Internet regarding the artist without any success. Thanks for your assistance.

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Re: Can Anyone Identify This Gentipirri Painting?

Hello Silverlight,
     It took some doing, but this is what I found. It seems that your artist is Armando Angelo Gentilini, an Italian painter and son of Angelo Gentilini, a sculptor. I can't find much about him, but it looks like he was born in 1912, died in 1993, and probably was a part of the Parisian Montmarte scene in the middle of the century, around such artists as Raoul Dufy, Maurice de Vlaminck, etc.

He has a few works which seem to have been popular in the 1950s, and one of them went around under the title "Mother Love" - this is your painting, I think. Donald Art Company (or "D.A.C.") of New York was one of the most popular print makers of the mid 20th century and printed a lot of copies of this painting.

Etsy: … ome_active
A small independent seller: … usa#images
Neat page about the Donald Art Company: … ald-art-co
The Roussard Gallery says they organised a collective exhibition in 1955, "inaugurated" by the actress Kim Novak(!), and he was part of the exhibition: … ilini.html

Hope that helps!

-- Chris