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Thank you for your reply.  My painting, which I think I have now managed to attach to this message is very similar to some others which were painted in the early 1850's, for example Trappers at Fault in 1852 and The Prairie Hunter - One rubbed out, also in 1852 I think.  I would be very grateful for an opinion or details of any possible contacts who could help in authenticating the painting.  Many thanks.

A post has been left under the sticky 'How to make requests' - I think it may be in answer to your query.


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I purchased a watercolour 25 years ago from a small antique dealer in Kew, West London.  It is signed F Tait 1850 in a very inconspicuous place in the painting.  I know that Tait left the UK for America in the same year and am wondering if it could possibly be a watercolour sketch for a later painting.  When purchased, a card attached to the painting named it as 'Trapper in Buckskin'. I have not had the painting out of it's frame so am unsure whether there are any further clues underneath.  I notice that Rocsdad has uploaded many of Tait's paintings to your site so am hoping that perhaps he may be able to help or, if not, to to point me in the right direction.  I have tried uploading some images but receive a message informing me that the selected files were to large to upload - any advice on how I might do this would be gratefully received.  Many thanks.