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Giovanni Paolo Pannini



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Fra Filippo Lippi


Hello, I think an attribute for the Source/Photographer of an image is missing. This is standard today at wikipedia.

The information 'Added the artwork' isn't listed anymore, since Februar the 7th.

Hi Chris,

in the new artwork dialog the 'Pick from suggested owners (click to open or close)' radio-choice-list didn't work in my browser (Firefox V26.0). The selection is ok, but when i save the entry, my choice ist lost.

The 'Search all owners' Ajax-List works, so it is not urgent.

Hi Chris,
this feature is not useable as it is.

It only works, when you select the artist. But the list is unsorted, so it is very hard to find the right person.

If you put title and/or year and leave the artist as it is (Any artist), there comes an exception:

Warning: pg_exec(): Query failed: ERROR: syntax error at end of input LINE 1: SELECT * FROM artwork WHERE artist1=Any ^ in /home/arachne/public_html/people/artwork_search.php on line 17

Warning: pg_numrows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/arachne/public_html/people/artwork_search.php on line 52


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Hello Chris,

i think, if someone replaces an image, then the 'Entered by' information should also change.


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Josselin wrote:

You need to choose a "primary activity" in the last dropdown list on the editing page.

Oops, thank you Josselin!


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I've added a new person but i find no way to insert an image. I couldn't find him in the artist list, because he has, as is obvious, no art connected to him yet.

But as i remember, last week there was an option ('Add first artwork to'... or so) in the Art-Tab on the overview page.


But its not there anymore and i don't find another way.

Is there one?

Hello Josselin, thx for your answer.

Josselin wrote:

4) I cannot answer to this one. ;-)

I was struggling with myself if i should invest time to upload to The Athenaeum, which could go offline every day. Or load onto wikimedia commons, which is not dependent on only one person.

But i like what i see and read here, so lets hope Chris will live long :-)


Hello, i have a few general questions:

1) Do you have an max/preferred image size or file size?
2) You only have a detail of a good painting, but it is not found somewhere else in this quality. Is an upload ok or only images of the whole painting?
3) What is with black and white images, where no colored version exist. Is this upload ok?
4) A totally different question. The only owner of this site is, as far as i read, Chris.
What, if something happen to him (we all hope this will not be the case). Will the site than go offline forever and all the work is lost?

Josselin wrote:

You're right, German names with a 'von' should be sorted as you said.

Ok Josselin, i will change them.


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Josselin wrote:

I think this is because the 'Royal collection' is not really a museum, but a 'collection' displayed in several castles owned by the royal family. So Google Maps cannot find it.

Ok. If it is possible, the other attributes, like the web address, should still be editable.


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1) If i want to add a new artwork and choose 'Search all owners', than the resulting Ajax-List is unsorted. Thats not nice

2) If i want to edit the museum entry 'Royal Collection' (http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/edit.php?mid=505) and add the web address w w w .royalcollection.org.uk and click 'Submit', then there is a strange behavior. He put in a Thailand Address in the Location-Address-Field and leave the page unchanged !?

Hi, if you think i am right (if not, thats really no problem for me), i can help you and change the existing entries which start with 'von'.

I don't know what is the rule in Netherland with the 'van ...' people, so they will be untouched.


Hi, i insert a person-duplicate.

My new entry is 'Alt, Rudolf von' but he, as i see now, exist as 'von Alt, Rudolf'.

I think, my new name is the better one. Because in german the 'von' is only a minor part of the name (although it is part of the last name) and doesn't change the lexicographical order.

So you find in a dictionary for example
- 'Menzel, Adolph von' under M and not as here under V because of 'von Menzel, Adolph'
- 'Defregger, Franz von' under D and not as here under V because of 'von Defregger, Franz'
- and so on.

Have a nice weekend


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excuse me, but my first action was to create a duplicate in the museum section :-(

1) Existing and ok (Museum Kunstpalast): http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=1752

2) My new entry has the same name (Museum Kunstpalast), but i didn't see it in the museum-list, maybe because it has no artwork. I only see it in the Ajax-Selection-List

3) There is another museum entry (Kunstmuseum Dusseldorf): id=739
This is the old name of Museum Kunstpalast and must be merged with 1)