I have what I'm sure is a small painting on period Masonite app. 4x6 in..It is signed with conjoined initials HL and dated Paris 1901.It is certainly his subject of a woman and a small girl in a park. It also has GW1561 n the back which may be Gallery numbers?. I hope someone can shed some info, It would be greatly appreciated. My email is ...gpsavino@aol.com


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If it is indeed by Henri Lebasque I would take it to Christies.

I hope someone can help by giving me info on a Sandra Zibro Rowlandson. I understand that she was a Wisconson artist and well knomn but I cannot find any info on her or the value of her artwork.

I have 2 quality paintings both are signed( one is signed HL conjoined (Henri Lebasque I'm sure , the other I cannot decipher) The Lebasque is painted on period Masonite and dated Paris 1901. They have what I believe to be auction numbers on the backs. One is GW3393 the other is GW1561.If anyone has any idea what Gallery  they are  from I would forever be in your debt. Thank you .My email is : gpsavino@aol. com

I HAVE 2 SMALL PAINTINGS BY DIFFERENT ARTISTS THAT I BELIEVE WERE SOLD AT AUCTION AT A GALLERY. my QUESTION IS HOW CAN I FIND OUT WHICH GALLERY ? there are numbers  gw1561 and gw3393 on the backs.These are quality paintings.Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks..My email :gpsavino@aol.com