I purchased this oil on canvas mounted on wood at a thrift shop. I have seen several paintings identical to this in other thrift shops, and a cousin of mine actually has one in a small wooden frame that she bought at a local thrift shop, but neither she nor anyone else seems to know anything about it or about the artist. I have attached an image. I am interested in the painting's title and additional information about the artist.  I have searched through the Internet regarding the artist without any success. Thanks for your assistance.

Years ago, my mother painted this oil on canvas Utrillo from a photo in a magazine which is now lost, and she is deceased. I have searched through countless Google images and all the Utrillo images on this site without any success. I do not live near a library that owns The Complete Works of Maurice Utrillo by Paul Petrides. Do any of you recognize this painting or do you have any suggestions regarding how I might identify it? Please see the attachment photo. Thanks so much.