Hi Chris sorry for the belated response. I took the painting to a "free" monthly art appraisal at a Los Angeles auction house called Bonhams & Butterfields. They had two art experts examine the painting. It was actually a fun experience and felt like I was on an episode of Antiques Roadshow. There were people with all sorts of amazing items. By the way, I have decided to try to sell the painting on eBay. Here's a link if interested...



Hi, just wanted to follow-up and let you know I showed the photos of my painting to some art experts and an auction house and they all agreed that they thought it "looked" genuine and the real deal, but they said without a signature it's a tough item to sell. Which is ok with me because I don't mind keeping the piece smile

Hello I came across this website while doing research on an oil painting I recently purchased at a local swap meet in Los Angeles. I believe it is an original, unsigned Francisco Rodriguez Sanchez Clement. I noticed several similar painting posted on this website by a member named Leon McDowell. One in particular looks like the same model in a different pose, titled "Gitana" that was Uploaded by Mr. McDowell on Thursday, 20 November 2008. It was disheartened that my painting was not signed but it appears that several of F.R.S. Clement's paintings are not signed (like the one I noted that is very similar to mine). I have attached a pict of the artwork and any help in confirming the identity would be greatly appreciated.