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Sorry, but the image doesn't come from a museum (it is located in an Oxford college), so it's unlikely that you'll find a better version, but you can still try to contact St Stephen's House: https://www.ssho.ox.ac.uk/


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To be deleted:

dwinward wrote:

I've attempted to send corrections to this website and have been unable to send corrections using the website's correction page. For example, Sisley's work, View of Hermitage near Pontoise, should be titled, At the Foot of the Aqueduct at Louveciennes, dtd 1876, 46x55cm, Daulte #213. I use Francois Daulte's Sisley Catalogue Raisonne for reference.

Fixed thanks!

Please post again if you find other mistakes (with the links).

danielsachster wrote:

The painting entitled "Low Tide, South Head, Grand Manan Island" is almost certainly not South Head.  I have stayed on the island twice and I can without reservation identify the location of this Bricher painting as North Head, because I see the rock locally known as The Bishop standing at the foot of the cliff in the right distance, and The Bishop is located at North Head.  If you look at another one of your Bricher works, entitled "Morning at Grand Manan (a gouache), you can see the same rock at the foot of the cliff.

Another painting in your collection entitled "Rocks Near the Coast" is certainly Indian Rock, Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island.

"Rocky Coastal Scene with a View of Passing Ships" is also a scene from Grand Manan Island.

"Sunset-Moonrise, on Iron Round Island, Mr. Desert, Maine" should be called    
"Sunset-Moonrise, on Iron Bound Island, Mr. Desert, Maine."

Hello Daniel,

Do you know the correct titles?



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His works are not very valuable, so I'd say something like $10,000?

See works from him sold at Christie's here: http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/lot/ … &lid=1


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Chris, there were entries for the Morgan Library and the Ringling Museum:

Perhaps you can merge them with those you created.


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There should be a "maiden name" field for female artists.


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kohn1fox wrote:

There were duplicate entries for the University of Liverpool (Victoria Art Gallery).  Art works under Victoria Art Gallery have been transferred to the University of Liverpool heading.  Not to be confused with the Victoria Art Gallery (Bath).

However, the original entry for Victoria Art Gallery was changed to University of Liverpool and there now appears two Univ of Liverpool (Victoria Art Gallery) in the dropdown list.  ONLY THE ONE WITH WORKS should be chosen. The Victoria Art Gallery (Liverpool) is also extant in the dropdown list, although all works have been transferred.

I would like to have the ability to delete museums from the dropdown list, which still shows many 'museums' that are obsolete.

Just rename the empty museum. See here: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/search.php … ywords=zzz


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jp.huve wrote:

I have made several attempts with different file sizes, all in JPG, but I always get the same answer :
Warning: copy(/tmp//tmp/phpZTwBbe): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/arachne/public_html/art/add.php on line 181
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 12396 bytes) in /home/arachne/public_html/shared/php_func/functions.php on line 261
Can you help me ?
Thank you for your time and initiative.

It means that your file is too large/heavy for the website. It is limited to 2000 pixels wide and 3Mb.


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anjaleck wrote:

Hello, Josselin,

Academia Română (Romanian Academy) in Bucharest. Romania. (Note to self: Ione Andreescu)
National Museum of Art, Romania (http://www.mnar.arts.ro/)
Navy Art Collection, Washington, D.C. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command.  Josselin, I tried to figure this one out, but it doesn't fit any of the descriptions on the US Navy site. This title is how the artwork is cited on the site (http://www.history.navy.mil/our-collect … 97-kn.html)
Fondazione Sorgente Group, Collezione M, Rome, Italy (http://www.collezione-m.it/) (note to self: Paolo Anesi)

Thank you!


We should also be able to navigate through artworks without going back to the list of artworks. We could go to the next or previous artwork with arrows on both sides of the page. [marked "1" on the picture]
There would also be a dropdown menu [marked "2"] where we could choose how artworks would be displayed one after another, eg. by name, date, medium or museum.

One of the major problems mobile users have is that you constantly have to open new tabs in the browser to navigate around the website.
We can improve this by adding a "preview window" in the list of artworks. The code for this action already exists at the bottom of an artist page with his self portraits.
We would have something like this:

(Can't upload two pictures in the same message.)

Here are some suggestions to improve the website layout (with pictures) and to deal with the design of the site on mobile platforms.

1: When an artist has a picture on his page and a long biography written, some place is wasted below the picture. The text should fit the whole width of the page.

2: There should be links to the museums in the 'top owners of works by this artist".

3: There are two sets of tabs on the page and it may be a bit confusing. There is a "biography" tab whilst the biography is written above, etc. Perhaps we could gather all the tabs at the place, or hide the biography and add an "expand button" to reduce the length of page.

4 & 5: There should be a bibliography tab and a "history" tab.

Chris, the site works fine now. Thanks!

Now I have this message, which is slightly different than before:

Warning: pg_connect(): Unable to connect to PostgreSQL server: FATAL: sorry, too many clients already in /home/arachne/public_html/shared/php_db/conn8.inc on line 2
Can't connect to primary database.

Thanks Chris, I hope it won't cost you too much.


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Pietro Annigoni - Eric Arthur Barber:
http://www.the-athenaeum.org/art/detail.php?ID=135178 (correct)

Ferdinand Konrad Bellermann - Merida Valley:

I can't say and couldn't find her catalogue raisonné. The first one comes from a minor auction house, and many of them "upgrade" the attribution of their artworks in order to increase their value. It can be a copy.


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kohn1fox wrote:

The Tate paintings are not listed under which museum.  The Tate in London loans artworks to Liverpool and St Ives.  Artworks advertised are generally said to belong to only the Tate.   However all modern (20th/21st century) FOREIGN artworks should be placed under TATE MODERN and all artworks by British artists, from 14th century to present day, should be entered under TATE BRITAIN.

I have transferred those 'modern' art works by foreign artists to TATE MODERN.


Yes I read them. smile

I also remarked that the Tate doesn't tell where its artworks are, but the dependencies in Liverpool and St Ives are only exhibition galleries.

Hello Absalom,
Thank you for having spotted that, I corrected it. Many of the most famous Old Masters were added in the 2000's and now need an overhaul - as I did with Veronese. I'll try to do it in the future.

You can report errors here (send the links): http://www.the-athenaeum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=559



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I have also added descriptions for museums, especially universities:

42 texts for the various colleges and institutions of the university of Oxford:
http://www.the-athenaeum.org/search.php … +of+Oxford

26 texts for the colleges and institutions of the university of Cambridge:
http://www.the-athenaeum.org/search.php … +Cambridge

7 other universities:
Aberdeen: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3016
Bristol: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3460
Brown: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=1660
Durham: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=2356
Edinburgh: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=2340
St Andrews: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3148
Vanderbilt: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3559


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anjaleck wrote:

Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee (http://www.vanderbilt.edu/gallery/)
(note to self - Aspertini)

Oratorio di Santa Cecilia, Bologna, Italy
(note to self - Aspertini)

Vanderbilt University: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3559
Can you check the descrption I wrote?

Oratorio di Santa Cecilia: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=2715
Just mention the artwork is located in the Oratorio of the Basilica of San Giacomo Maggiore.


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anjaleck wrote:

Here is another:

Irish Heritage Trust.  The painting in question (Clogh Oughter Castle by William Ashford) is on loan from the Irish Heritage Trust to the Cavan Count Museum in Cavan, Ireland.  This one is a bit convoluted so I thought I'd give you all the information.

If you don't get to this one right away, that's okay.  I might have more later. smile

Mention in commentary that the painting is on loan from the IHS.


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anjaleck wrote:


Please add "The Knohl Collection" (http://www.theknohlcollection.com/) located in Anaheim, CA, USA. (Note to self: Reginald Arthur)

Thank you!