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The "Displaying all exhibitions" page doesn't work when sorted by year.

It's impossible to add an exhibition to a museum without artwork.

Hello cecilee.stein,

Most of Lhermitte's works are sold between $5K-80K, but they sometimes reach $100K. Last year, a Portrait of a Goose Girl was sold for $500K at Christie's.

You can only post one image per post, create new ones to upload the full image.


It seems related to break hours in the Eastern Standard Time zone, at 12-1PM and about 6PM.

The website audience has grown faster than the capacity of the server.


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List of the movements that are worth adding:
- Gothic
- Flemish Baroque (Rubens, Brueghels, Snyders, Teniers...)
- The Troubadours (French Romantic group, focusing on French history): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troubadour_style
- Biedermeier
- Danish Golden Age (1800-50)


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kkvk wrote:
Josselin wrote:

Contrary to the Hudson River School, the Dusseldorf School doesn't seem to have a real unity.

I thought a little bit about this and i think you are right that its not a homogenous, narrow body as the Nazarene or the Hudson River School. It was famous for it exquisite and detail drawings and finished paintings. But it is not only landscape painting. History (not the idealistic, classical style) or social genre are very important too.
The Dusseldorfer School is more like a trademark, as the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

A good overview you can find at  <a href="http://www.kettererkunst.com/dict/painting-school-of-dusseldorf.shtml">Kettler</a>

Maybe we need not only the movement-selection, but also a marker for these schools. In germany the Weimar School, the Munich(Piloty)-School, the Berlin School, the Dusseldorfer School and so on.

Another thing that would be useful in my opinion, are categories for the typical kind of pictures an artist made. If he is mainly a landscape-, history- or portrait painter for example.

Yes I agree with the genre categories (portrait, landscape, still life, history/mythology, genre scene).

For the movements, I think the Biedermeier style would be a better candidate for addition, albeit it looks more significant in the arts and crafts, and design. From what I know, it was a negation of Romanticism (realist genre scenes and portraits used as decorative features).


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kkvk wrote:

I see you list the Hudson River School as a movement, then there is the 'Düsseldorf school of painting' missing.

Hi Michael,

Contrary to the Hudson River School, the Dusseldorf School doesn't seem to have a real unity. From what I see, it just regroups all the German landscape painters of the 19th century. If you can provide a more detailed source of information on the subject than its Wikipedia page, I'd be happy to support the creation of this new movement. On the same period, we also have a movement called "realism" which I don't really see what it encompasses.
Movement affiliation is frequently difficult to attribute and I prefer to leave it aside when I'm not sure. Not every artist can be linked with a movement anyway.


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This artwork is "lost" in the website because it isn't linked with an artist. Google image can't find it.


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Perhaps you should add the artist birth dates in the dropdown menus in order to distinguish homonyms in this list.
For example, I cleaned the artworks linked with both Samuel Colman as there were a lot of confusion between them.


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John Constable - The Mill Stream:

Thomas Cole - An Evening in Arcadia:

Jan Davidszoon de Heem - Still Life with Beaker and Cheese:
http://www.the-athenaeum.org/art/detail.php?id=114198 (best one)

chris_mccormick wrote:

4. I removed the button to insert images, because I want to control how we link to images on other web sites, and keep it to a minimum. One day I will work on some custom buttons to include images already in The Athenaeum, but we should generally not "hot link" to other sites' images.


Can you add this button? It makes it difficult for me to insert images in movement description. I have only added images already on the website. Example here: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/mvmt/detail.php?id=9


The auto filtering box doesn't give all the expected results.
For example, when searching for the "Nasjonalmuseet for Kunst, Arkitektur og Design (Norway - Oslo)", if I just enter "Arkitektur", the engine won't find it.


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kohn1fox wrote:
Josselin wrote:
kohn1fox wrote:

The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg has been renamed in it's proper title 'The State Hermitage Museum' .  The alphabetical listing is therefore shown under 'T' but the site identifies 'Hermitage' when entered under an artwork.

I put back 'Hermitage Museum', because the dropdown menu doesn't list it if you just type 'Hermitage' in the search box; it only lists the Hermitage in Norfolk and Switzerland.

I'm happy to accept your explanation and to reinstate the title but it is actually incorrect;  the same applies to other State museums in the Russian Federation.

However if one types in 'Hermitage' it will find it under The State .....  Same applies to the State Russian Museum.

I don't tend to use a drop down list as it is now too exhaustive.  I type in a search word in the title and it will find it.  Example: natgalscot will bring up the National Gallery of Scotland.

I switched it back to the 'State Hermitage...' and added 'Hermitage Museum' in the alternate name.


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I'm also wondering which standard of English we should use for the site - I mean between American and British English. The site is American, as shown by the way 'watercolor' is spelt, but BrE is more used in the world. So should we put all our translations in BrE, including for artworks owned by American museums?

This work by Gainsborough (English artist) is spelt in AmE, because exhibited by an American museum: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/art/detail.php?ID=97078
Conversely this work by Sargent is spelt in BrE because owned by a British institution: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/art/detail.php?ID=23360

How can we be consistent on this? Wikipedia has a system of automatic redirection which manages both spellings, but I doubt it can be adapted on the site.


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As some of us are non-English speakers, and many artworks were made by non-English speakers, here is a thread to deal with translating titles into English.
Some titles can be quite elaborate and non-English museums and auction houses don't always give a translation, so post your questions here.

My first question:
French academically-trained painters had to draw many live sketches during their studies, and I'm wondering if I could call these drawings as in French ("Male Academie"). Does it make sense in English or is there a better way to say it?

Here is an example:


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kohn1fox wrote:

The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg has been renamed in it's proper title 'The State Hermitage Museum' .  The alphabetical listing is therefore shown under 'T' but the site identifies 'Hermitage' when entered under an artwork.

I put back 'Hermitage Museum', because the dropdown menu doesn't list it if you just type 'Hermitage' in the search box; it only lists the Hermitage in Norfolk and Switzerland.

The What's New? page is very long and heavy to load on cell phones. I think this is because of the 'last 7 days activity' tab which lists all the edits done within the week. Maybe you should deactivate this feature for mobile platforms.

More generally, the website needs a specific layout for these users; currently we have to open new tabs to see detailed artwork pages, or to reload the page each time we change the list sorting, while mobile users would probably prefer dynamic and pop-up pages. I'll create a thread if you want to talk about this.

The "pg_connect bug" also occurs for self portraits of an artist. Their self portraits are listed as thumbnails at the bottom of his page, and a dynamic box is displayed when clicking on them (red arrow on the picture), but nothing happens.
In this case, the bug occurs permanently.


I've come across a recurrent bug related to the other mentioned on this page, which "breaks" the page for adding an artwork - I mean only half of the page loads properly and I have to refresh it till it does.
An image is better than words:

I personally add "portrait" before the name, but from what I've seen on the site, 'the portrait of' prefix is frequently missing when the painter is specialised in portraiture, while it has often been added when portraits are only a part of a painter's oeuvre.

'Private collection' is now the default owner of an artwork. To my mind it was far better to let 'unknown owner' as the default owner.

There is a minor problem with artistic dynasties, because the list sorts their members by their first name, whereas I think it would be better - and less confusing - to display them chronologically.
Example with the Van Loo dynasty: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/search.php … ds=van+Loo

Maybe you could modify the code for sorting names, telling it to display same named artists by their birth date first.

In the future, perhaps you could also implement the "super-museum" feature on artists, thus we'll be able to create a void entry with just the genealogical tree of the family. Some dynasties are especially prolific, such as the Van de Veldes or the Tischbeins.
http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Van_de_Vel … A9alogique
https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tischbein … familie%29


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Apparently you wrote a tutorial long time ago: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/tutorials/
Maybe you can put it somewhere on the site (on the Home page?). You should update it a bit though; the part about the screen resolution looks funny now. :-)

chris_mccormick wrote:

Ok, I updated the code and it looks like copy/paste works, even keeping links and formatting.

Updating the underlying jQuery may cause some issues. I tested a number of things and already had to fix a couple of small issues. Keep any eye out for any "weird" behavior, especially with parts of pages that are "interactive" - panels opening and closing, tabs, parts of the page that load dynamically. I'll fix issues if we find any more.

- Chris

The copy-paste action works, but line breaks are added before and after the pasted text. It would be more useful to have the same copy-paste as Word.


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We should be able to "unlink" a portrait connected to a person when there is a mistake.
For example, this artwork is not a self portrait, but it is still displayed as such on the artist page: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/art/detail.php?id=75104


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We also need to have "activity" dates for artists whose birth and/or death dates are unknown. Perhaps a second thickbox next to the "circa" feature.