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Pietro Annigoni - Eric Arthur Barber:
http://www.the-athenaeum.org/art/detail.php?ID=135178 (correct)

I can't say and couldn't find her catalogue raisonné. The first one comes from a minor auction house, and many of them "upgrade" the attribution of their artworks in order to increase their value. It can be a copy.


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kohn1fox wrote:

The Tate paintings are not listed under which museum.  The Tate in London loans artworks to Liverpool and St Ives.  Artworks advertised are generally said to belong to only the Tate.   However all modern (20th/21st century) FOREIGN artworks should be placed under TATE MODERN and all artworks by British artists, from 14th century to present day, should be entered under TATE BRITAIN.

I have transferred those 'modern' art works by foreign artists to TATE MODERN.


Yes I read them. smile

I also remarked that the Tate doesn't tell where its artworks are, but the dependencies in Liverpool and St Ives are only exhibition galleries.

Hello Absalom,
Thank you for having spotted that, I corrected it. Many of the most famous Old Masters were added in the 2000's and now need an overhaul - as I did with Veronese. I'll try to do it in the future.

You can report errors here (send the links): http://www.the-athenaeum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=559



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I have also added descriptions for museums, especially universities:

42 texts for the various colleges and institutions of the university of Oxford:
http://www.the-athenaeum.org/search.php … +of+Oxford

26 texts for the colleges and institutions of the university of Cambridge:
http://www.the-athenaeum.org/search.php … +Cambridge

7 other universities:
Aberdeen: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3016
Bristol: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3460
Brown: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=1660
Durham: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=2356
Edinburgh: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=2340
St Andrews: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3148
Vanderbilt: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3559


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anjaleck wrote:

Vanderbilt University Fine Arts Gallery, Nashville, Tennessee (http://www.vanderbilt.edu/gallery/)
(note to self - Aspertini)

Oratorio di Santa Cecilia, Bologna, Italy
(note to self - Aspertini)

Vanderbilt University: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3559
Can you check the descrption I wrote?

Oratorio di Santa Cecilia: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=2715
Just mention the artwork is located in the Oratorio of the Basilica of San Giacomo Maggiore.


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anjaleck wrote:

Here is another:

Irish Heritage Trust.  The painting in question (Clogh Oughter Castle by William Ashford) is on loan from the Irish Heritage Trust to the Cavan Count Museum in Cavan, Ireland.  This one is a bit convoluted so I thought I'd give you all the information.

If you don't get to this one right away, that's okay.  I might have more later. smile

Mention in commentary that the painting is on loan from the IHS.


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anjaleck wrote:


Please add "The Knohl Collection" (http://www.theknohlcollection.com/) located in Anaheim, CA, USA. (Note to self: Reginald Arthur)

Thank you!



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Good job, but some already existed:



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kohn1fox wrote:

I would like to see an easier research mechanism for works in Venice.  There are numerous old master paintings in small churches in Venice and it is not easy to capture where they are represented.  Currently one has to scroll through the artist or mu seum list but if someone wishes to know where a lot of Venetian artworks in minor churches are located it is a difficult task.

I think Venice is the sole and unique example in this case as so many major artworks are scattered in small, little known or unknown churches and 'scuola'.

I would like to see some sort of cross reference e.g. 'Venice - (names of locations)'.

This, of course, leads on to a listing of all museum holdings on this website under major cities:

'Rome - (.........)
Paris - (.........)


I think this is the same situation everywhere in Italy. There are similar churches in Florence, Genes, Rome, Naples... The country did not experience a reformation, so religious works stayed in churches and convents, nor a revolution like in France, which put these works in museums. Interestingly, I found artworks in small churches and convents in Nice (southeastern France), which belonged to the Piedmont during the Revolution.
If you type 'Venice' in the search box, you'll see all the museums and churches there: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/search.php … rds=venice


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kohn1fox wrote:

It would be very helpful if the redundant museum entry, as above example, could be removed altogether to avoid it being reinstated.  Although it disappears from the alpha listing for museums, it remains as an entry when one opens the drop-down window against a location.  This can lead to someone reopening the duplicate (and incorrect) museum.

Just rename the museum as I did here: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3406


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To be deleted: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3406


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kohn1fox wrote:

Your comments above are indicative of most United Kingdom provincial collections, whereby a collective body (usually the county town or main administrative city in the county) controls a number of museums and galleries under its wing.

It is a question of whether we maintain a single name (example Norwich) or create separate museum pages (as with Merseyside).

It's the same in Germany, for which we have created separate museeums. See the list here: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=616


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Idem with the Leeds Museums and Galleries, it is just the governing body that rules the following museums:
    Leeds Art Gallery
    Lotherton Hall
    Temple Newsam House
    Leeds City Museum
    Leeds Museum Discovery Centre
    Abbey House Museum
    Kirkstall Abbey
    Armley Mills
    Thwaite Mills Watermill



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Dundee Art Galleries and Museums Collection (Dundee City Council):

There are actually four locations of these two entries:
    The McManus
    Dundee City Chambers
    Broughty Castle Museum
    Verdant Works


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One easier solution would be to suppress the 'world' museum list, and instead create national lists.


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I think each National Trust location should be kept, but it is possible to link them to a upper supermuseum where they would all be listed. So there would be one entry of the NT in the museum list, but with a little '+' next to it, on which you could click and display the list of the NT dependencies. The same with Oxbridge colleges, Guggenheim, Tate, Livepool Museums, etc.

As I said, it wouldn't be possible to do that for the civic collections - as you called them. In France and Italy - still catholic countries - many artworks are also located in churches, sometimes even in a small chapel lost in a countryside. Moreover, artworks can be found in buildings in every country (schools, colleges, hospitals, stations, city halls...).
We lack a governing structure that would manage these artworks like the NT.
Perhaps, we could create a 'public collection' entry for each administrative level? Like the county in England, State in the USA, Land in Germany, where all public locations there will be included.
For me, 'civic collection' is a bit too vague.


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kohn1fox wrote:

But you have helped to create this extra long listing for British establishments by splitting up 'University of Oxford' (and University of Cambridge) into separate colleges.  Hitherto, I had entered works under the generic title of 'University of Oxford' with a note in the descriptions as to where the work is housed.  This was sufficient and removed the need to have about 50 extra museum entries.

The same had applied to the National Trust, which was perfectly acceptable as a collective title for ALL NT works.  You will note that I always add in the descriptions box in which collection the work is housed (e.g. National Trust at Petworth House, Petworth, West Sussex).  However, by adding individual 'houses' the listing has now grown by , perhaps, 200 extra museum entries.  I consider this unnecessary.

Actually, I'm thinking of a way to display museums on a map. There is probably a way to create our map with a website such as Openstreetmap: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=18/5 … p;layers=Q
but we need to have the accurate location of each museum for that.
edit: here is the path to create customised maps: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Crea … _own_tiles

For the too long list of museums, there is a way to reduce it, by implementing expandable menus. We would therefore have all the NT manors under the same entry (a kind of 'supermuseum'). It won't work with churches and public buildings though.

I sent a message to Chris.


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kohn1fox wrote:

I'm not so sure we should be adding numerous 'locations', i.e. hundreds of tiny rural buildings that house one single artwork (usually a modern piece by maybe by a local artisan)?  Some of these 'museums' in central Russia and beyond are an example in mind.

This is why I opened a page for 'civic collections - UK' as these run into hundreds and do not, in my view, justify a separate museum page.  Anyone in the town and interested in searching out any odd artworks on display can check locally.

If one looks down the listings of museums there are hundreds that have only one or two works.  What are we trying to achieve?  Some sort of Guinness Book of Records!

The problem comes from the BBC Your Paintings website, that has listed all the places where at least one public-owned artwork is located. It's the only country for which we can have such details. I know that many small public-owned manors, city offices or other public buildings, own artworks in France, Germany, or Italy, but we don't know which ones (most don't have websites) unless by looking in catalogues raisonnés where they are sometimes mentioned. It's especially true for modern and contemporary artworks used to decorate public buildings.

As a result the 'museum' list for the UK is becoming very long with hundreds of entries - and potentially thousands.

I think we should be as accurate as possible, and create these 'museums', most of National Trust manors are open to the public and several artworks have been in there for centuries.

I'm however concerned that the website will lost in consistency as the UK will be extremely detailed. The database will also have a hard time loading the list of museums - it's already the case.


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kohn1fox wrote:
kohn1fox wrote:

I consider that some of the entries and 'corrections' made on this website is becoming a nonsense.  It is somewhat degrading the whole principle of this website.  Commercial galleries for example should NOT be included.  Josselin has highlighted one in Germany that has a listing of 54 artworks.  Is this really a commercial gallery? I'm unable to open the file at present due to a server failure.

This museum/gallery is M Bochum Kunstvermittlung.  Do you know that this is primarily a commercial enterprise (for the sale of artworks)?

http://www.m-bochum.de/mextra_info.php? … amp;mid=19

Hi Graham,
Yes, it's a commercial gallery. I recognised it's not that obvious because they also organise exhibitions and the website is German only.


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anjaleck wrote:

Hastings Library (East Sussex County Council), Sussex, UK (note to myself - Edward Armitage)

The Royal Society, London, UK (note to myself - Edward Armitage)

United Kingdom Parliament, London, UK (note to myself - Edward Armitage)

Teignmouth and Shaldon Museum, Teignmouth, UK (note to myself - Thomas Armstrong)

That's it for tonight. smile  Hope you're having a good day.

Hastings Library: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3222

Royal Society: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=2985

Teignmouth and Shaldon Museum: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3223

United Kingdom Parliament: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3114


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anjaleck wrote:

12-14-2014 Pittencrieff House Museum, Dunfermline, Fife, UK

12-14-2014 State Vladimir-Suzdal Historical Architecture and Art Museum-Reserve, Vladimir Oblast, Russian Federation

12-14-2014 North Down Museum, Bangor Castle, Bangor, Down, UK

12-14-2014 Rotherham Art Gallery, Rotherham, Yorkshire, UK

12-14-2014 Newton Abbot Town & GWR Museum, Newton Abbot, UK

12-14-2014 Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley, West Yorkshire, UK

Hope you're having a great day when you see this.  Also would like to wish you a lovely Christmas holiday.  I will be leaving this coming up Saturday to go home for the holidays.
Thanks, Josselin!

Pittencrieff House Museum: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3175

State Vladimir-Suzdal Historical Architecture and Art Museum-Reserve: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3184

North Down Museum: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3183

Rotherham Art Gallery: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3181

Newton Abbot Town & Great Western Railway Museum: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3177

Cliffe Castle Museum: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3176


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Ca' Rezzonico - Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia:
http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=758 (correct)

Just to say that Gauermann's works have fetched decent prices at auction. Take a look at the website of Christie's and the Dorotheum:
http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/sear … mit=Search
https://www.dorotheum.com/en/mydorotheu … language=1


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Ostankino Palace: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3129

Samara Regional Art Museum: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3132

Rossendale Museum: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3133

Tropinin and Contemporary Moscow Artists Museum: http://www.the-athenaeum.org/sources/detail.php?id=3134