Let me add that I would like to know if mine is a copy and where the original exists and date of the piece. Two art conservators have identified this as an old oil on canvas, suggested we have the original artist's signature identified before we have it cleaned. Thanks so very much.

I hope the site moderator will enlighten us.  Thanks!

Here is the photo of the art in question:

I may have an old oil on canvas done by Vincenzo Irolli. Looks European. It is of a peasant looking woman (head wrapped in scarf) inside her home. She is sitting leaning on a chair looking down at a boy who is sitting on her lap. He is looking down at a flat metal pan(?) on the floor in front of him. there are culinary things scattered about and a large hearth in background. Dried chilies hanging on wall. Signature looks like it says V Irolli but no one seems to know for sure. I am looking to find out who the artist is and age of piece. Should get it cleaned? Any suggestions on where else to look or who to contact? Would post a photo if I knew how.. thanks so much!.