My family has been in possession of two antique vases that were made into lamps about 60 years ago.
They are heavily sculpted, exact depictions of "Psyche et L'amour" and "Le Ravissement de Psyche," one image on each lamp.

The depth of the sculpture is about 1 1/4" at max.
The second part of the signature is clearly W. Bouguereau.
However, there is a beginning part of the signature that I cannot quite read...and it ends with ueres, wit a few characters preceding these letters.
My guess is that it says something like "Figueres"?

Anyway, I have been doing quite a bit of internet research on Bouguereau, and cannot find any mention of ceramics or sculpture in his body of work.
Your organization seems to be "involved" with Bouguerau's art, and I was hoping to get some direction.

Can you tell me if he did any work of this nature, how I might go about determining provenance, and the possibility of placing a value on the lamps.