I bought a small picture or might be painting called "The Skiff" also called
"The Seine at Asnieres" it is 71X92 CM. on the back has a gold sticker that says PIERRE-AUGUSTE RENOIR,,, (1841-1919), "The Skiff" 1879,,, oil on canvas, 71X92 cm. I found the picture here by Racsdad, the only one I had found,,,

Found a water colour painting by Edward Cabane, at bottom middle has 816-7 Sweetheart,,, Original painting by Edward Cabane,,, and bottom right has
a Circled C Knappco INC. N.Y.,,, I found a painting like this in a Art Studeo in Charleston S.C. but still has differances, He was famous for doing a lot of paintings of his daughter on a garden bench,,, This was found behind other pictures from 1920's