I have this painting in my posession.  I is signed as far as I can see R Patterson.
Is there anyone who knows this painter?

If have this oil painting  I my posession . It is signed Mailer or Wailer.
I  suppose it is an English painter and I wonder if anyone knows  who made this painting,

http://d1cdn.artquid.com/art/6/131/4269 … 677593.jpg

I bought this beautiful painting a while a go and  I hope there is someone who knows the name of the painter.

http://d0cdn.artquid.com/art/6/62/40918 … 859175.jpg


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I have this small painting (oil on wood) in my possession
It is signed  bonnard and I  wonder  if  it could be painted by Pierre Bonnard

http://d0cdn.artquid.com/art/5/255/3931 … 596939.jpg

Thank you for your comment . I can agree with it.
Though the painting seem very old when you look at the wood it is painted on.
When you look at it it almost looks like a panel of door of a cupboard.

I dont know since when there are reproductions sold of this painting.

It s the second image.   http://imageshack.us/f/213/0000084q.jpg/

I m dutch so my English is not perfect.
Some time ago a bought a painting on wood. It seems to be a copy of A Pompeian Lady by John William Godward.
But it puzzles me, why it is not an exact copy.
On the left side there is a part missing and on the right side there is an extra part, as if the image has ben moved a bit to the left side.
I wonder if anyone can tell my why this happens to be so.