1 John Russell - Oil painting

by elaut.dirk4

6 wilhelm Trubner To SELL

by glenleiner

7 nettoyage de sofa

by Camille

8 Gnat, Pest control

by katemoss12

9 A. T. Britcher

by bueche

10 Fix the "add a portrait" option

by hcshannonart

11 Anyone here also on Artigo

by hcshannonart

14 Subjects and Location category

by hcshannonart

15 Edward hicks 1847

by jeannie

17 Antique European paintings

by ANTART Gallery

18 pre renessaince art

by mammmo

19 Jean Louis Forain

by P51F86

20 Possible Jean Metzinger

by natalie123908

23 Joseph R. DeCamp Oil Painting

by ramonadecamp1

24 Karl Herzog

by tom69camaro