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May-16-1950 to Jul-16-1950
Jun-23-1937 to Nov-13-1937
Aug-25-1983 to Oct-11-1983
May-30-1973 to Jul-08-1973
Jun-18-1988 to Aug-09-1988
Aug-18-1988 to Oct-11-1988
Oct-22-1988 to Nov-29-1988
Dec-10-1988 to Jan-15-1989
May-13-1989 to Jun-20-1989
Jul-01-1989 to Aug-15-1989
Aug-24-1989 to Nov-07-1989
Nov-16-1989 to Jan-09-1990
Jan-20-1990 to Mar-05-1990
Mar-17-1990 to May-01-1990
May-12-1990 to Jun-26-1990
Jul-06-1990 to Aug-26-1990
Nov-10-1990 to Jan-02-1991
Jan-12-1991 to Feb-26-1991
Feb-01-1991 to Apr-28-1991
Mar-09-1991 to Apr-23-1991
May-03-1991 to Jun-18-1991
Jun-20-1991 to Sep-03-1991
Sep-13-1991 to Oct-29-1991
Nov-08-1991 to Dec-08-1991
Dec-17-1991 to Jan-28-1992
Apr-18-1992 to Jun-02-1992
May-15-1992 to Jun-30-1992
Jul-02-1992 to Aug-09-1992
Jul-11-1992 to Sep-02-1992
Oct-02-1993 to Nov-15-1993
Nov-20-1992 to Jan-05-1993
Feb-05-1993 to Mar-23-1993
Apr-13-1993 to May-18-1993
Sep-03-1993 to Oct-18-1993
Sep-30-1993 to Nov-16-1993
Nov-23-1993 to Dec-12-1993
Dec-23-1993 to Feb-08-1994
Feb-24-1994 to Apr-12-1994
Apr-26-1994 to Jun-06-1994
Jun-28-1994 to Aug-23-1994
Nov-08-1994 to Jan-03-1995
Jan-24-1995 to Mar-14-1995
Mar-28-1995 to May-16-1995
May-30-1995 to Jul-18-1995
Oct-31-1995 to Mar-12-1996
Jan-16-1996 to Mar-12-1996
Mar-26-1996 to May-21-1996
Sep-18-1996 to Nov-12-1996
Nov-26-1996 to Jan-07-1997
Jan-21-1997 to Mar-25-1997
Apr-01-1997 to Jun-01-1997
Apr-08-1997 to Jun-03-1997
Jun-26-1997 to Sep-09-1997
Sep-23-1997 to Nov-11-1997
Nov-25-1998 to Feb-10-1998
May-12-1998 to Jun-30-1998
Sep-24-1998 to Nov-10-1998
Nov-06-1998 to Dec-04-1998
Nov-24-1998 to Jan-19-1999
Feb-02-1999 to Mar-30-1999
Apr-13-1999 to Jun-08-1999
Nov-12-1999 to Dec-21-2000
Nov-22-1999 to May-01-2000
May-01-2000 to Oct-31-2000
Nov-22-2000 to Mar-13-2001
May-04-2000 to Jun-13-2000
Jun-01-2000 to Dec-05-2000
Jun-01-2000 to Aug-01-2000
Sep-13-2001 to May-21-2002
Nov-15-2001 to May-21-2002
Mar-12-2002 to May-21-2002
Jun-29-2002 to Nov-11-2002
Oct-07-2002 to Dec-01-2002
Jul-17-2003 to Sep-08-2003
Sep-25-2003 to Dec-01-2003
Sep-25-2003 to Nov-24-2003
Jun-10-2004 to Sep-27-2004
Nov-20-2004 to Apr-18-2005
Aug-30-2006 to Nov-27-2006
May-02-2007 to Aug-27-2007
Nov-28-2007 to Feb-25-2008
Mar-19-2008 to Jul-28-2008
Sep-10-2008 to Dec-01-2008
Feb-24-2009 to Jun-08-2009
Dec-19-1977 to Feb-05-1978
Nov-21-1987 to Feb-02-1988
May-17-1977 to Jul-04-1977
Sep-15-1978 to Nov-07-1978
Jan-18-1974 to Mar-03-1974
Dec-08-1975 to Jan-22-1976
Mar-15-1979 to Apr-24-1979
Jan-27-1977 to Mar-06-1977
Apr-10-1973 to May-13-1973
Oct-14-1976 to Dec-02-1976
Jan-11-1973 to Feb-25-1973
Mar-06-1973 to Apr-08-1973
Feb-08-1979 to Mar-18-1979
Apr-24-1972 to May-30-1972
Sep-15-1978 to Nov-07-1978
Feb-01-1972 to Mar-05-1972