Artworks can now be tagged

We have added tagging functionality to the artwork pages. On the main page for an artwork (not the full image display, but the “Detail” page), you can go to the Social tab and click the “Tag this artwork” link. A window will pop up allowing you to tag the artwork.

We get a lot of spam attempts on The Athenaeum, so tags must be verified by another user before they will show up. You can verify tags entered by other members of the site in the same section where you add tags. If there are unverified tags, they will show up automatically.

With the advent of tagging, we can now give you a page to display artworks by tags as well, so that has been added to the front page of the site.

The tags and tag categories are set by the site administrators. Right now we have tags for Greek and Roman mythology, but we’ll be adding more – literature, Christian iconography, and so on. Let us know if there are categories or tags you think we should make available.

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