Holy uploads, Batman!

Graph of uploads

A graph of upload history at The Athenaeum

As a member-run community,  The Athenaeum lives and dies by the work of those who choose to give freely of their time to improve the site. Over the years our activity has had a natural ebb and flow, but in recent months we have seen a tremendous surge in effort by our uploaders, particularly rocsdad.

Last month we reached even greater heights.  A new member Irene uploaded over 1,500 images in one month, and rocsdad contributed over 1,000 more, resulting in our second-biggest month of uploads ever, just a little shy of 3,000 for the month.  To put that in perspective, if we managed that rate each month, The Athenaeum would almost double its size in one year. It took us more than 10 years to get to 50,000 images; who knows where we’ll be in 10 more years?

Our heartfelt thanks go out to rocsdad and Irene for their selfless labor, and we encourage new members to join in the effort. On our side, we’ll keep building and refining the tools that allow The Athenaeum to offer a depth and interconnectedness that isn’t found anywhere else.